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We are the most reliable and leading suppliers of bubble football suits in the UK. We are UK based and offer free worldwide shipping on our bubble soccer equipment that meet all EU manufacturing standards. The main cities were customers buy zorb footballs from in the UK are London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield.

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MaxoMil has rapidly grown to be one of the leading suppliers of bubble football suits and inflatable equipment in the market due to our low cost and extremely high quality and durable products. 65% of our new customers are companies that have been let down by their previous suppliers due to low-quality bubble soccer purchases, of this 65% we received 100% positive feedback and praise. With 40% of our customers making their initial investment back the very same month, it is clear to see just how popular zorb soccer is right now.

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MaxoMil is a worldwide reputable supplier of bubble soccer suits. We have built strong relationships with new and existing bubble football companies in the UK, Europe, North and South America and most recently New Zealand and Australia due to the recent influx of business interest we receive for existing companies looking for a more trustworthy supplier of zorb football packages.

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